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A Redtail's Dream

Character: Anssi Skärsholm
Character: Åsa Skärsholm
Character: Ellu Viitanen
Character: Hannu Viitanen
Character: Jonna Kuikka
Character: Joona Kuikka
Character: Jouko Kuikka
Character: Kielo Miettinen
Character: Kokko
Character: Lauri Kinnunen
Character: Little Hare
Character: Mrs. Squirrel
Character: Ms. Seal
Character: Paju Kinnunen
Character: Riikka Skärsholm
Character: Sisko Kinnunen
Character: Swan of Tuonela
Character: Topi Viitanen
Character: Tuomi Kinnunen
Character: Ville
Character: Vuokko Tikkanen

Relationship: Anssi Skärsholm & Riikka Skärsholm
Relationship: Åsa Skärsholm & Ms. Seal
Relationship: Åsa Skärsholm/Ms. Seal
Relationship: Ellu Viitanen & Hannu Viitanen & Topi Viitanen
Relationship: Hannu Viitanen & Ville
Relationship: Hannu Viitanen/Ville
Relationship: Jonna Kuikka & Joona Kuikka
Relationship: Jonna Kuikka/Hannu Viitanen
Relationship: Jonna Kuikka/Riikka Skärsholm
Relationship: Joona Kuikka/Hannu Viitanen
Relationship: Jouko Kuikka & Åsa Skärsholm
Relationship: Jouko Kuikka & Hannu Viitanen
Relationship: Jouko Kuikka & Mr. Moose
Relationship: Jouko Kuikka & Topi Viitanen
Relationship: Jouko Kuikka/Topi Viitanen
Relationship: Kielo Miettinen & Hannu Viitanen
Relationship: Kielo Miettinen & Swan of Tuonela
Relationship: Kielo Miettinen/Åsa Skärsholm
Relationship: Kielo Miettinen/Swan of Tuonela
Relationship: Kokko/Swan of Tuonela
Relationship: Lauri Kinnunen & Kielo Miettinen
Relationship: Paju Kinnunen & Sisko Kinnunen
Relationship: Paju Kinnunen & Tuomi Kinnunen
Relationship: Paju Kinnunen/Jonna Kuikka
Relationship: Riikka Skärsholm & Åsa Skärsholm
Relationship: Sisko Kinnunen & Ellu Viitanen
Relationship: Sisko Kinnunen/Jouko Kuikka
Relationship: Tuomi Kinnunen & Little Hare

Worldbuilding: Animal spirits
Worldbuilding: Post-canon
Worldbuilding: SSSS Crossover
Worldbuilding: Supernatural bureaucracy

Stand Still Stay Silent

Character: Admiral Olsen
Character: Agneta
Character: Aino Hotakainen
Character: Aksel Eide
Character: Árni Reynisson
Character: Ása Harðardóttir
Character: Author of the Trolls Beasts and Giants Info Pages
Character: Berit Eide
Character: Cthulhund
Character: Eino Hotakainen
Character: Emil Västerström (SSSS)
Character: Emil's Curly-haired cousin
Character: Emil's Look-alike cousin
Character: Emil's Short-haired cousin
Character: Ensi Hotakainen
Character: Esko (Finnish Radio Host)
Character: Female Dagrenning Donor
Character: General Eide (Mr.)
Character: General Eide (Mrs.)
Character: Hilde Rasmussen
Character: Ingrid Pedersen
Character: Kaino Hotakainen
Character: Lalli Hotakainen
Character: Male Dagrenning Donor
Character: Michael Madsen (Prologue)
Character: Michael Madsen (Twin)
Character: Mikkel Madsen
Character: No-Arms
Character: Nordic Council Lady
Character: Odense University Hospital Staff Member
Character: Onni Hotakainen
Character: Original Danish Tank Crewman
Character: Original Finnish Mage
Character: Original Finnish Scout
Character: Original Giant Character
Character: Original Icelandic Mage
Character: Original Kade Character
Character: Original Norwegian Troll Hunter
Character: Original Saami Character
Character: Original Sea Beast Character
Character: Original Troll Character
Character: Original Year 90 Sailor
Character: Pastor A.
Character: Private Västerström Tutor
Character: Reynir Árnason
Character: Reynir's Brother (The one who grabs things by their ugly heads)
Character: Reynir's Brother (The one who knows what death looks like)
Character: Reynir's Father
Character: Reynir's Mother
Character: Reynir's Sister (The one we know nothing about)
Character: Reynir's Sister (The one who blows things up)
Character: Saku Hotakainen
Character: Signe Sørensen
Character: Sigrun Eide
Character: Sigrun Larsen
Character: Siv Västerström
Character: Spot 24 Doctor
Character: Stig Västerström
Character: Stine
Character: Taru Hollola
Character: Torbjörn Västerström
Character: Trond Andersen
Character: Tuuli Hollola
Character: Tuuri Hotakainen
Character: Ulrika Västerström
Character: Veeti Hollola

Relationship: Admiral Olsen & Mikkel Madsen
Relationship: Agneta & Dalahästen Staff
Relationship: Agneta/Sigrun Eide
Relationship: Agneta/Siv Västerström
Relationship: Aino Hotakainen & Ensi Hotakainen & Saku Hotakainen
Relationship: Aino Hotakainen/Saku Hotakainen
Relationship: Aksel Eide & Berit Eide
Relationship: Aksel Eide/Sigrun Larsen
Relationship: Árni Reynisson/Árni Reynisson's wife
Relationship: Emil Västerström & Kitty
Relationship: Emil Västerström & Private Västerström Tutor
Relationship: Ensi Hotakainen & Author of the Info Pages
Relationship: Ensi Hotakainen & Lalli Hotakainen
Relationship: Ensi Hotakainen & Onni Hotakainen
Relationship: Ensi Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen
Relationship: Ensi Hotakainen & Veeti Hollola
Relationship: Ensi Hotakainen/Original Saami Character
Relationship: General Eide (Mrs.) & General Eide (Mr.) & Sigrun Eide
Relationship: General Eide (Mrs.)/General Eide (Mr.)
Relationship: Lalli Hotakainen & Emil Västerström
Relationship: Lalli Hotakainen & Onni Hotakainen
Relationship: Lalli Hotakainen & Onni Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen
Relationship: Lalli Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen
Relationship: Lalli Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen & Emil Västerström
Relationship: Lalli Hotakainen/Emil Västerström
Relationship: Lalli Hotakainen/Original Kade Character
Relationship: Michael Madsen (Prologue)/Signe Sørensen
Relationship: Michael Madsen (Twin) & Mikkel Madsen
Relationship: Mikkel Madsen/Onni Hotakainen
Relationship: No-Arms/Sigrun Eide
Relationship: Onni Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen
Relationship: Onni Hotakainen/Reynir's Brother (The One Who Knows What Death Looks Like)
Relationship: Reynir Árnason & Emil Västerström
Relationship: Reynir Árnason & Kitty
Relationship: Reynir Árnason & Lalli Hotakainen
Relationship: Reynir Árnason & Onni Hotakainen
Relationship: Reynir Árnason & Reynir's Parents & Reynir's Siblings
Relationship: Reynir Arnason & Sigrun Eide
Relationship: Reynir Árnason & Tuuri Hotakainen
Relationship: Reynir Árnason/Emil Västerström
Relationship: Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen
Relationship: Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen/Original Kade Character
Relationship: Reynir Árnason/Onni Hotakainen
Relationship: Reynir Árnason/Tuuri Hotakainen
Relationship: ReynirÁrnason & SigrunEide & Lalli & Tuuri Hotakainen & MikkelMadsen & EmilVästerström
Relationship: Sigrun Eide & Emil Västerström (SSSS)
Relationship: Sigrun Eide & Lalli Hotakainen
Relationship: Sigrun Eide & Mikkel Madsen
Relationship: Sigrun Eide & Original Icelandic Mage
Relationship: Sigrun Eide & Original Saami Character
Relationship: Sigrun Eide & Tuuri Hotakainen
Relationship: Sigrun Eide/Emil Västerström
Relationship: Sigrun Eide/Siv Västerström
Relationship: Sigrun Eide/Tuuri Hotakainen
Relationship: Sigrun Larsen/Ingrid Pedersen
Relationship: Siv Västerström & Torbjörn Västerström
Relationship: Siv Västerström & Torbjörn Västerström & Emil's Parents
Relationship: Stig Västerström/Ulrika Västerström
Relationship: Taru Hollola & Original Saami Character
Relationship: Trond Andersen & Ása Harðardóttir
Relationship: Trond Andersen & General Eide (Mrs.) & General Eide (Mr.)
Relationship: Trond Andersen & Original Saami Character
Relationship: Trond Andersen & Sigrun Eide
Relationship: Trond Andersen/Ása Harðardóttir
Relationship: Tuuri Hotakainen & Emil Västerström
Relationship: Tuuri Hotakainen & Emil Västerström & Author of the Info Pages
Relationship: Tuuri Hotakainen & Mikkel Madsen
Relationship: Tuuri Hotakainen/Mikkel Madsen
Relationship: Tuuri Hotakainen/Original Finnish Scout

Worldbuilding: Admiral Olsen's Oil Rig Base
Worldbuilding: Cleanser Training
Worldbuilding: Cleansers
Worldbuilding: Cleansers At Work
Worldbuilding: Eurovision in Year 90
Worldbuilding: Expedition to an IKEA store
Worldbuilding: Finnish Mages at Work
Worldbuilding: Finnish Mythology
Worldbuilding: Ghosts
Worldbuilding: Giant Danish Tanks
Worldbuilding: Giant Danish Tanks Being Actually Useful
Worldbuilding: Girl Genius Fusion
Worldbuilding: Gods and Spirits
Worldbuilding: Governments of the Known World
Worldbuilding: Iceland Reopening its Borders
Worldbuilding: Icelandic Mages at Work
Worldbuilding: Kastrup
Worldbuilding: Keuruu
Worldbuilding: Language barriers
Worldbuilding: Libraries in the Known World
Worldbuilding: Life at the Madsen farm
Worldbuilding: Life in Saimaa
Worldbuilding: Life in Y90 Finland
Worldbuilding: Literature in the Known World
Worldbuilding: Luxury goods in Year 90
Worldbuilding: Mages and Magic in Surviving Communities Outside the Known World
Worldbuilding: Magic
Worldbuilding: Magical Education
Worldbuilding: Nordic national stereotypes
Worldbuilding: Norse Mythology
Worldbuilding: Post-Expedition
Worldbuilding: Prague Race Crossover
Worldbuilding: Pre-expedition
Worldbuilding: Rash Research
Worldbuilding: Remote Finnish Settlements
Worldbuilding: Saami People in Year 90
Worldbuilding: Sea Beasts
Worldbuilding: Sea Beasts Hunting
Worldbuilding: Sjødraug
Worldbuilding: Surviving Communities Outside the Known World
Worldbuilding: The Dreamworld
Worldbuilding: The Mora Evening Paper
Worldbuilding: The Museum of Old World Culture
Worldbuilding: Tolkien Crossover
Worldbuilding: Trade in Year 90
Worldbuilding: Trolls
Worldbuilding: Year 0
Worldbuilding: Year 90 Finnish military
Worldbuilding: Year 90 Norwegian Military
Worldbuilding: Year 90 Swedish military
Worldbuilding: Yule Down Under
Worldbuilding: Yule on the Hotakainen's Swan Boat


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