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Schedule for Winter 2016-2017:

Nominations: October 7-October 15 8PM CDT
Sign Ups: October 16 7AM CDT - October 29 8PM CDT
Assignments: Will be out no later than November 1st
Assignments Due: January 7 8PM CST
Works Revealed: January 15 7AM CST
Creators Revealed: January 22 7AM CST
Feedback and Reflection: January 22

Gift Exchange Rules:

  • Be courteous of everyone in the exchange! We are a small fandom with a wide variety of interests. You are not required to look at everything in the collection, but you are required to remain respectful to everyone at all times.

  • Fanfic submissions must be at minimum 500 words, completed, and of a quality you would be happy to receive as a gift. While your fic will not be rejected if it is not beta-read, we do encourage that your story is at least proof-read. There is no maximum word limit.

  • Fanart submissions must be at minimum a finished sketch on unlined paper, and it can be hand drawn or digital. We will not be accepting graphics, edits, or manips at this time. There is no maximum in terms of size or page limit on comics.

  • Treating is optional but welcomed!

  • Submissions must be mindful of your recipient's requested ratings and must respect their DNW (Do Not Want) list, if provided.

  • Please do not discuss your assignment publicly on your blog, forums, or anywhere where you recipient may see your comments. Your assignment is a secret! If you wish to ask your recipient a question, please send an email to with your AO3 name, their AO3, and your question, and I will forward the question for you.

  • Gifts cannot be part of a previously-posted work unless if your recipient has explicitly stated interest in receiving a gift from your series.

  • Please comment and thank your Gift Maker. They put love and effort into making their gift just for you! :)

Exchange rules and FAQs were compiled based on the rules found in [community profile] femslashex. Character/Relationship/Worldbuilding matching system was inspired by [community profile] coronationceremony.

And a very special thanks to [personal profile] amyfortuna, [personal profile] elleth, [personal profile] idleleaves, [personal profile] kiraly, and [personal profile] yuuago for all of their valuable input and advice in helping me set up this exchange. Thank you all to my league of extraordinary friends! :)

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