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Schedule for Winter 2016-2017:

Nominations: October 7-October 15 8PM CDT
Sign Ups: October 16 7AM CDT - October 29 8PM CDT
Assignments: Will be out no later than November 1st
Assignments Due: January 7 8PM CST
Works Revealed: January 15 7AM CST
Creators Revealed: January 22 7AM CST
Feedback and Reflection: January 22

Gift Exchange Rules:

  • Be courteous of everyone in the exchange! We are a small fandom with a wide variety of interests. You are not required to look at everything in the collection, but you are required to remain respectful to everyone at all times.

  • Fanfic submissions must be at minimum 500 words, completed, and of a quality you would be happy to receive as a gift. While your fic will not be rejected if it is not beta-read, we do encourage that your story is at least proof-read. There is no maximum word limit.

  • Fanart submissions must be at minimum a finished sketch on unlined paper, and it can be hand drawn or digital. We will not be accepting graphics, edits, or manips at this time. There is no maximum in terms of size or page limit on comics.

  • Treating is optional but welcomed!

  • Submissions must be mindful of your recipient's requested ratings and must respect their DNW (Do Not Want) list, if provided.

  • Please do not discuss your assignment publicly on your blog, forums, or anywhere where you recipient may see your comments. Your assignment is a secret! If you wish to ask your recipient a question, please send an email to with your AO3 name, their AO3, and your question, and I will forward the question for you.

  • Gifts cannot be part of a previously-posted work unless if your recipient has explicitly stated interest in receiving a gift from your series.

  • Please comment and thank your Gift Maker. They put love and effort into making their gift just for you! :)

Exchange rules and FAQs were compiled based on the rules found in [community profile] femslashex. Character/Relationship/Worldbuilding matching system was inspired by [community profile] coronationceremony.

And a very special thanks to [personal profile] amyfortuna, [personal profile] elleth, [personal profile] idleleaves, [personal profile] kiraly, and [personal profile] yuuago for all of their valuable input and advice in helping me set up this exchange. Thank you all to my league of extraordinary friends! :)

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Names of all creators have now been revealed! :D You may now see the talented gifters and treaters who have made the inaugural Silent Night Gift Exchange a success! Feel free to share your work on your blogs, around the forum, and/or other websites, as anonymity has now been lifted! \0/

I hope everyone had fun! I sure did! :D I would like everyone at some point to also consider taking this little survey (I ask for emails only so you can email yourself a copy of your answers, if you would like.) Please, tell us what worked well and what didn’t for you this year, so we can look into improving things for the upcoming round! I also have a couple of questions regarding some changes I have been wondering about implementing for next time. :) Also if there is anything you wish to tell me privately, you may send me a PM or email me at Please do not hesitate. Any and all responses will be considered!

The collection will remain open until around when sign ups begin for the new round, starting this October. :)

Special Thanks

A very special thanks to my league of extraordinary friends: Yuuago, Kiraly, Elleth, and Anna for all of your help and advice while I was setting up this exchange, and to AmyFortuna in particular for helping me become more familiar with AO3 exchanges. An extra shout out to Yuuago both for that very useful gift & treat checklist and in being my trusted backup mod in case anything ever happens to me or my account!

My heartfelt thank yous to the wonderful people who made treats, be it one or many, for these treats are as sweet as the hands who made them! We opened the collection without a single person being without a treat! Good job, everyone! ♥

And many thanks to all of the participants this year for making this such a successful exchange. 60 61 (Eeee!) works in the collection! I am so honored and happy to have run this and to have seen so much enthusiasm! :D Thank you all and I hope to see you again this October!

Your mod,

Scribe_of_Mirrormere (AO3) • Dverghamrar (SSSS Forum)
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The Collection is now open!

Come and enjoy your gifts!

Savor any treats you've gotten!

Don't forget to thank your gifters!

And enjoy viewing all the amazing works in the collection! Be Merry! Have fun!

Creator Names will be revealed on January 22. :)
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Hello everyone! The collection is scheduled to open on January 15 7 AM CST (Check for your time zone!) And here is a nifty countdown! :D

You have until then if you wish to continue editing your assignment or any treats you’ve made, or to see how much time you have left if you wish to make new treats!


The ever-awesome Yuuago made a spreadsheet that keeps track of how many gifts each participant has in the collection! If you are interested in making a little something for someone between now and the 15th, why not look at the requests for those with only 1 gift? :) Treats be any length (500-word minimum do not apply to treats) and can be any type of art (a rough sketch, inked, colored, etc.)

This collection will remain open until the 2017-2018 round starting later this year, so you can post your treats at any time, but won’t it be awesome if everyone had at least two things waiting for them on the 15th? :)
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The deadline has now passed! The collection was closed for a few minutes while any incomplete assignments were defaulted. If there are any pinch hits that are needed, they will be going out shortly. < There are no pinch hits needing volunteers at this time. Good job, everyone!

Collection goes live on January 15, 7AM CST. Between now and then you can continue editing your work or create additional gifts (treats) for either your recipient or another participant. The Collection has been reopened to accept any more treats, and it will remain open until the next round starts in October!

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM or email the mod at
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Hi everyone! This is a reminder that there is ONE day left before all assignments for Silent Night are due on Saturday, January 7th, 2017 at 8 PM CST (Time Zone Converter)

Here is a Countdown! After this point, the collection will close for a few moments and all incomplete assignments will be defaulted. So please get your assignments in before that countdown hits zero!

No extensions will be granted! Collection goes live on January 15, 7AM CST.

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM or email the mod at
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Hope everyone is having a good New Year's Eve! This is your one week warning that all gifts are due on Saturday, January 7th, 2017 at 8 PM CST (Time Zone Converter)

No extensions will be granted! Collection goes live on January 15, 7AM CST.

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM or email the mod at
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Hello! How's everyone doing right now? This is your friendly modly reminder that you have one month remaining until all assignments are due on January 7th, 2017 by 8 PM CST (Time Zone Converter)!

Some Helpful Links:

Life bringing you down? Your Luonto muse has left you? Don't think you can finish your assignment? Then no problem! Things happen! You may default by clicking on the "My Assignment" link on the left hand side on this page, and then clicking on the "default" button. We're sad to see you go, but we understand you may not be able to complete your assignment. You will not be penalized, and we will find a pinch hitter to fulfill the assignment. (Do note that if you default and if your gifter also defaults on you, then you may not end up with a gift.)

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact the mod by PM or email at!
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Posting Your Gift for Your Recipient on AO3

Apologies this is going up a little later than intended! This post will be a step by step guide on how to post your fanwork for your recipient. If you wish to post a treat for someone, click here! :)

Go here and click on "My Assignment."

Or, Go to this link:

You will find a "fulfill" option like in the screencaps below.


Click on it! :)

Now, just fill out he form as you normally would when posting to AO3. If this is going to be your first time posting to AO3, here are some pointers:

The first section will ask you for the rating, any warnings, category (gen or ship), fandom, relationships, characters, and any additional tags.

Tags are a great way to help tell people what your story is about. You can add as little or as many as you want. You can include genres (angst, fluff, gen, romance, etc.) or any tropes or themes (first kisses, friendships, teamwork, etc.) Note that relationships can be shippy or gen (such as in this example: Reynir & Lalli.)

Next section will ask you about your work's title, summary, and if you have any author's/artist's notes to add at the beginning or bottom of your work. Your summary will be displayed publicly when people are browsing through AO3, but your author's notes will be displayed only when they click on the work's link.

NOTE: AO3 will automatically add your gift as part of the collection and add in your recipient in the "Gift this work to" field, so you will not have to worry about that part. It will look something like the above screenshot! :)

You don't have much to in this section.

And now for the main part! How to go about posting Fic or Art:

Posting Fic
You will need to add spaces between paragraphs, and if you have any formatting such as italics, centered texts, or page divides, you will need to add the html codes into your document before uploading, if you are uploading as plain text. If you click on the ?" in the circle (next to the "Plain text with limited HTML"), it will give you a list of html that you can use in your fic.

Uploading is as easy as copy and pasting from your text document onto AO3! :)

Posting Art
If you are posting art, you will need to host your art elsewhere first before posting the link on AO3. You may use Tumblr (set the post to private as to remain anonymous until Creator Reveals), Imgur, or numerous other photo hosting sites that will provide you with a direct link.

In the space provided, add in the image like so:

You may also center the image if you so wish. If you click on the "?" in the circle (next to the "Plain text with limited HTML"), it will give you a list of additional html you can use in this area.

Additional notes:

After you post to AO3, you may continue to edit your work up until reveals date.

After posting your gift for your assignment, you might want to make a few treats! The explanation on how to post treats is posted here!. :)

You work will remain anonymous on the day of reveals (January 15). On the day of reveals, all works will be revealed but not the names of the Gifter. This will be the anonymous period, just for a bit of fun as everyone enjoys the works and maybe guess who did what. Creator names will be revealed on January 22.
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This post goes through How to Post Treats! :)

If you wish to post your work for your recipient, click here! :)

First: Go to this link!

See the button that says "Post to collection" on the upper right hand corner?

Click on that! :D

You then fill out the form as you normally would. AO3 automatically sets it so that your work will be included into the Silent Night collection.

The only extra step is you need to put in the name of the recipient of your treat.

When you get to this screen, you will need to manually type in the name of your treat recipient:

Don't click on the button(s) under "Open Assignment" - that's for your main assignment which you received on November 1st. You write in the name the person who will be receiving your treat in the space provided next to "Gift this work to" (IdleLeaves volunteered to be my recipient for this example! :D )

Then hit submit, and you're done! :)

Happy treating!
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Very soon you should be getting an email with your assignment! :D In case AO3's email system is stalling, you can look for your assignments by clicking here and then going to "My Assignment" on the sidebar.

Some things to keep in mind:


You are to create for your recipient either:
  • A fanfiction of at least 500 words, completed and in a quality you would like to receive.

  • A fanart that is at least a nice sketch on unlined paper of a quality you would like to receive.

  • It fulfills at least one of their Wish Items (it does not have to fulfill everything they requested.) However you may, if you want, create multiple works for your recipient (known as treats.)

  • Respect and avoid their list of Do Not Wants, if it was provided for you.

Other things to keep in mind:
  • You may NOT contact your recipient at any point. You also cannot reveal who you are writing or drawing for. :) This is a secret exchange! If you have a questions, forward them to the mod at!

  • In about a week or two I can post a tutorial on how to post one's work to AO3, if anyone wishes for me to! :)

  • If you think you may not be able to complete your assignment for whatever reason, go to your Assignments page and click on the "Default" button next to your assignment. The mod will look for a pinch hitter for your assignment. But keep in mind that if you default and your Gifter also defaults, then you may not go out as a pinch hit and may not receive a gift.

You can go over the Rules and FAQs & How to Participate if you feel you need a refresher. :)


If you need a beta or would like to offer your service as a beta, click here!


Treats! This is not an official part of participating. If you wish to create additional works for your recipient or for someone else, you are more than free to do so! :D You do not have to be signed up to participate! Browse through the Request Summary and the Letters Post!

Pinch Hits

We currently do not have any pinch hits, but keep an eye on the Google group (join to get email updates!), on Dreamwidth community, and on Tumblr for regular updates in case someone requires a pinch hit!


If you have any questions, or feel you were mismatched to someone, please contact the mod immediately!

Fanworks are due on January 7th at 8PM CST (Time Zone Converter)

Enjoy and have fun creating! :)

Beta Post

Nov. 1st, 2016 03:24 pm
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If you wish to volunteer as a beta for this exchange, please fill out the form below and paste it as a new comment to this post!

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Sign ups for the first annual Silent Night exchange are closed! :)

Now the matching process begins! This may take a couple of days, so expect to see your assignment by November 1st!

In the meantime, you can browse through the Requests Summary or Letters page.

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween! :)
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This is a reminder post that signs ups close tomorrow, October 29 at 8PM CDT! (Time Zone ConverterCountdown) If you wish to join the exchange and have not done so, click here to sign up!
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This is a reminder post that signs ups close in five days, October 29 at 8PM CDT (see when that is in your time zone.) If you have not yet done so and which to join the exchange, click here to sign up!
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Sign Ups are Open!

You have between now and October 29 8 PM CDT (check for when that will be in your time zone!) to get all of your requests and offers in for the Silent Night Exchange! After the 29th, I will run your requests and offers through AO3's matching algorithm and your assignments will come in soon after! :)

If this is your first time doing sign ups, there is a step-by-step guide below:

Read more... )

    A Few Notes:

  • You may continue editing your sign up form up until the end of sign ups, which is on October 29th, 8PM CDT (time zone).

  • All requests will be visible so you may browse through what other participants are requesting!

  • There is no start date on when you can begin treating! But do keep in mind that works will not be revealed until January 15! :) More info on treats here!

  • You will be matched on the following formula: 1 Fandom + 1 Wish Item + 1 Medium + 1 Rating. This means that you may be matched with someone who may have had several requests, including NSFW even if you did not offer to create for it or for a medium you did not offer to create. You do not have to look at those prompts, but do look at the prompt (or prompts) you did match on. :)

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, do not hesitate to send me a message by either PM or email to! Additionally, please contact if you are still in need of an AO3 account!
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Now that sign ups are upon us, you may wish share your letter with the rest! :) Link your letters by copy and pasting the following code below as a new comment to this post.

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Nominations for the Silent Night Exchange will be closing in 12 hours! (check for your time zone!)

If you have not yet done so, please place in your nominations now!) :) If you have never done nominations before and need a visual guide, there is a guide on both Dreamwidth and the SSSS Forum.

Sign ups will open about eleven hours after nominations end (October 16 7AM CDT), so now's a good time to start planning what you would like to request and offer! We have a lot of amazing things in the tagset already! Take a look here or in the List of Approved Tags for easier viewing!

See you soon!
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Nominations Are Now Open!

From now until October 15th, 8 PM CDT (check for your time zone) we will be adding to the pool of items that you can request from during sign ups! :) While you will not be disqualified from doing the exchange if you don't do this part, it may be important to add something if you really want to see a character, relationship, or worldbuilding element (hereon known as Wish Items) and don't see it already listed. :)

Keep an eye on the List of Approved Tags! If something's already on there, you are not required to add that item again. You're only allowed 20 slots per fandom, so use them wisely!

There's a trading post in the Dreamwidth community (Anonymous comments are welcome) where you can drop off any Wish Items that you'd like for others to claim, or you can go in and pick up Wish Items that others have left and nominate them. Or, you can do the same in the Forum thread! This way, everyone can have their nominations in the pool! :)

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at any time! :) (If you need an AO3 account and do not have one, please PM me as soon as possible. AO3 Support has given me invite codes!)

Below is a visual guide to the nominations process. Don't forget to also go over the Rules and the FAQ if you haven't already! :)

Read more... )
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Nominations begin on October 7th! Discuss with other fans what you'll be nominating, and offer your free slots to others!

Check the List of Approved Tags to see what's been approved in the tagset!